Thursday, March 27, 2014

Episode 3: 1976-1981 (Minus Rocky & Rocky II)

On the third installment of Slycast: The Sylvester Stallone Fan Podcast hosts Craig Cohen, Jeff Ferry and Jeff Hulit take a look at the movies Sylvester Stallone starred in right after "Rocky" and "Rocky II": "F.I.S.T.", "Paradise Alley", "Nighthawks"and "Victory". Along the way you'll learn about the Sylvester Stallone Red Hot Chili Peppers connection, what other podcast the guys are considering starting up and how to deliver the perfect Michael Caine impersonation. Go for it!
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The Dissolve
Roger Ebert's 1980 Interview with Sly
80's Picture House
Midnight Movie Cowboys
Camel Clutch Cinema
The Tricorder Transmissions

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